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Skyfruit Products - XKL SkyFruit Premix
XKL SkyFruit Premix (10sachets x 20g)
RM 130.00
SkyFruit Products - XKL Skyfruit Instant Coffee
XKL Skyfruit Instant Coffee(20sachets x 20g)
RM 27.00
SkyFruit Products - XKL Care SkyFruit Concentrate
XKLCare SkyFruit Concentrate (30capsules x 370mg)
RM 150.00
SkyFruit Products - XKL SkyFruit Fibre
XKL SkyFruit Fibre (20sachets x 20g)
RM 63.00
SkyFruit Products -  XKL SkyFruit Essential Oil
XKL SkyFruit Essential Oil (30ml)
RM 320.00
SkyFruit Products - XKL Skyfruit Energy Fibre
XKL SkyFruit Energy Fibre (5sachets x 20g)
RM 105.00
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