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XKL SkyFruit Premix (10sachets x 20g)

RM 130.00

Skyfruit Products - XKL SkyFruit Premix

XKL SkyFruit Premix

XKL SkyFruit Premix is formulated utilizing very high concentrated SkyFruit extract as raw materials and processed using hi-technology. XKL SkyFruit Premix works on principle of promoting blood circulation and hence improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. It also replenishes nutrients to the kidneys and improves kidney functions.

- An unique fizzy nutritious drink
- Promote blood circulation, overall health and vitality.
- Increase the strength of immunity


 *Remark : XKL SkyFruit Premix is a brand new XKL SkyFruit  product which is not the same as XKL SkyFruit Juice Premix.The ingredients,flavours and the content of SkyFruit are totally different from XKL SkyFruit Juice Premix which the latter is mainly market in China and Middle East Countries. 

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