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XKLCare SkyFruit Concentrate (30capsules x 370mg)

RM 150.00

SkyFruit Products - XKL Care SkyFruit Concentrate

Strengthen Immune System, Increase Metabolism
Made from 100% natural Sky Fruit that is being processed and prepared with advanced bio-technology. The quality of this product has earned worldwide recognition. Sky Fruit traditionally used to promote general health and blood circulation. It contains 2 active ingredients that are Flavonoids and Saponins.

  1. Flavonoids
    • Promote smooth blood circulation
    • Lowers cholesterol leves and fats build-up in the blood stream
    • Anti oxidant and free radical scavenger
  2. Saponins
    • Enhances Immune system and improves vitality.
    • Reduces blood clotting and alleviates blood sugar.
    • Enhances the functions of the heart
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