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Medicine For Diabetes

XKL Collagen is the most easily absorbed collagen 
Unlike other ordinary collagens, XKL Collagen is not obtained from cattle or poultry. Instead, XKL collagen is extracted from Japan's deep sea fish scale, which can be fully absorbed under low temperature. This enables our body to absorb it two times more than that of animal collagen.

Healthy Benefits from XKL Collagen

  1. Slow down aging
  2. Regenerates cells
  3. Promotes blood circulation
  4. Cleanses the blood
  5. Regulates blood sugar level
  6. Burns fat
  7. Boosts immune system
  8. Helps heal skin disease
  9. Improves rheumatoid arthritis

Main Nutrients in XKL Collagen

  1. Japan Sea Fish Scale Collagen
  2. Sky Fruit Extract
  3. Acerola Extracts
  4. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  5. Beetroot

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